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What does De Kock mean?

De Kock is a Dutch occupational surname meaning “the cook”.

What is the reason for Quinton de Kock?

The reason for Quinton to retire

Quinton and his wife are expecting their first child and the South African player felt that giving them all his time is the best decision for the moment. He said that “My family is everything to me” and specified that he wants to have the time and space to be with them.

Is Eugene de Kock still alive?

Since beginning his sentence, De Kock has accused several members of the apartheid government, including former State President F. W. de Klerk, of permitting C10’s activities. In 2015, he was granted parole, and is currently released as of 2022.
Eugene de Kock
Awards Police Cross at Sevran


Who is Sasha de Kock?

Sasha Hurly is the wife of Quinton de Kock. She is a former cheerleader. Sasha loves to travel and her hobbies include boating, drinking and fishing. Surprisingly, she also loves shooting.

What does De Villiers mean?

de Villiers Surname Definition:

Of the Village”, in French.

What race is Quinton?

Quinton de Kock also revealed that he belongs to a mixed-race family — his half-sisters are Coloured and his stepmother is black South African. “For me, Black lives have mattered since I was born. Not just because there was an international movement,” he added.

Why decock retired?

De Kock, on the other hand, said goodbye to the format to spend more time with his young family. De Kock made the news just days before the birth of his first child, a baby girl called Kiara. The dasher indicated at the time that he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Where is Quinton de Kock now?

Lucknow Super Giants


Southern Brave


Who replaced De Kock?

Less than a week later and the Proteas levelled the series against India, thanks to their seven-wicket win at the Wanderers, a Test in which De Kock played no part. Kyle Verreynne, De Kock’s replacement, was neat behind the stumps in the bullring, and so De Kock’s importance to the side receded still further.

Did Eugene De Kock get amnesty?

The Amnesty Committee of Truth and Reconciliation Commission today has granted amnesty to a former commander of Vlakplaas Unit Eugene De Kock, several former high ranking security police officers and junior officers for taking part in six incidents involving killings, assaults and abductions of anti apartheid activists …

What do you understand by the Cradock Four?

The Cradock Four were a group of four anti-apartheid activists who were abducted and murdered by South African security police in June 1985, named as such as all four were from the town of Cradock, Eastern Cape.

Who was the first president of South Africa during apartheid?

List of state presidents of South Africa
No. Name (Birth–Death) Elected
1 Pieter Willem Botha (1916–2006) 1984
Jan Christiaan Heunis (1927–2006) Acting
2 Frederik Willem de Klerk (1936–2021)


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