De koker bakker

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What does Bakker mean?

Bakker is a common Dutch surname equivalent to English Baker.

How common is the last name Bakker?

Bakker Surname Distribution Map
Place Incidence Frequency
United States 4,699 1:77,135
Australia 2,403 1:11,234
Canada 2,231 1:16,515
Germany 1,641 1:49,059


Where is Bakker from?

Mitchel Bakker
Bakker with Paris Saint-Germain in 2019
Personal information
Full name Mitchel Bakker
Date of birth
Place of birth Purmerend, Netherlands


Is Bakker German?

The distinguished German surname Bakker is derived from the German “Beck,” meaning “baker,” and was first borne as an occupational name.

What nationality is the last name Bakker?

Dutch: occupational name for a baker, Dutch and Low German bakker. Compare English Baker. Norwegian: variant of Bakke, using a plural formation.

Is Baker a Scottish name?

The origin of the Baker surname is thought to be Anglo-Saxon and have come from the English-Scottish border region, though it is common enough to have spread across Britain and the English-speaking world. Baker is an occupational name, coming from the Old English word ‘baecere’, which means to dry with heat.

How common is the name Baker?

Baker is the 38th most popular surname in the United States, the 37th most common surname in England, and the 35th most common surname in Australia.

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