De lijn antwerpen haltes in pre metro koker vana merksem

Als u op zoek bent naar een antwoord van De lijn antwerpen haltes in pre metro koker vana merksem controleer dan de gegeven handige tips en trucs en handleidingen hieronder.

What is De Lijn Antwerp?

De Lijn also supports the Flemish Tram and Bus Museum, located in Antwerp and connected to the tracks of the Antwerp Tramway.

De Lijn.
Parent Flemish Government
Founded 1991
Headquarters Mechelen
Service area Flemish Region
Service type bus service, tram, demand responsive transport


What is Lijn?

lijn noun. line, rope, score, ferule.

Does De Lijn work in Brussels?

A Brupass travel pass is valid:

on all De Lijn and TEC buses within the Brussels-Capital Region and the Brussels urban zone (zone 20). A list of De Lijn stops can be found below. for second class travel on all NMBS-SNCB trains within the Brussels-Capital Region.

Can I use MOBIB on De Lijn?

The MOBIB card is not a ticket, but you can load your tickets onto it. So it is like a bank card that allows you to store your tickets. All kinds of season tickets can go onto a MOBIB card. The only exceptions are Snellijn cards in Limburg, and some student passes.

Are buses free in Belgium?

Thankfully, buses in Belgium are relatively cheap, accessible, and efficient. Bus operators vary depending on your region, but you’ll be able to use your MoBIB card throughout the country.

How much does the metro cost in Brussels?

1-hour ticket costs €2.10 and 24-hour time ticket costs €7.50. You must validate these by using the machine inside the vehicle. You can also buy a MOBIB card, load it with ‘tickets’ and then use it inside the vehicle. It costs €5 and can be bought at the ticketing office.

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